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Who are you?
I run this blog anonymously because my career path makes being publicly out as polyamorous risky and challenging. I go by Zinnia here, I’m an American woman, and I have been practicing polyamory for over ten years.

How do I send in a question?
You can submit questions via tumblr or use my contact form here. Please try and keep questions under ~200 words - if it runs long, I'll condense it to be brief enough to post.

Do you do interviews/promotions/book reviews/speaking engagements/etc.?
Totally! Send media requests at polyamoryadvice [at] gmail [dot] com.

Do you answer all questions/Why didn’t you answer my question?

I don’t answer all questions; some are more likely to be answered than others. You can read my complete answer here.

Can you answer my question privately?
No, I cannot send private answers to questions. All answers will be posted publicly, with the question anonymized. For more information, please read this post.

Can we chat using the tumblr chat feature, Google Hangouts, Discord, or another live chat service?
No, I cannot provide live, in-person advice chats or advice. The only way to send me a question is through the tumblr ask feature or my email listed above, and the only way to get a response is via a publicly answered, anonymized post here on my blog.

Will you answer my question anonymously?/Do you change the names in the letters you post?
Yes, all questions are copied and pasted 100% anonymously. You do not need to specifically request or instruct that your letter be posted anonymously. I never use real names and always replace identifiers with made-up names.

Can you answer my question with my username listed or tagged?
No, all questions are posted anonymously.

Can you send me a personal update or heads-up when you post my question?
No, I don’t have the time or resources to contact individual letter-writers when their questions are published and answered. The blog is updated daily at 9am PST, so you can check to see whether your question has been posted.