What's up with the polyamory pride flag?

Hi, I don’t think I’m polyamorous but could you explain the poly flag to me? I don’t understand the pi symbol.

I actually didn’t know the significance of the polyamory pride flag myself - I don’t really use it or identify with it myself. I use the infinity heart (or just the infinity symbol) as a pride symbol on clothing/jewelry/stickers/other signifiers, because I prefer it both aesthetically and symbolically.

But here is the blog post by the original creator of the polyamory pride flag, where he explains the symbolism behind it. He says that basically, it stands for the first letter/sound in the word “Polyamory.” He wanted something a bit more obscure to help closeted polyamorous people subtly signal to each other. Plus, the pi symbol was available on computers at the time, and there’s a history of Greek letters being used as pride symbols. Elsewhere, I’ve seen it explained since pi as a number goes on infinitely, it has a similar connotation as the infinity symbol.