I've coined a new term to describe my relationship

Hi! Love your blog and your thoughtful responses! I would like your opinion on something if you don't mind. I've been wanting to coin a term that I feel matches my husband and I. The term is polycapable, meaning that we are happily monogamous, we aren't seeking or desire to be in a polyamorous relationship but if the right person or right situation presents itself, we are open to the idea of extending our relationship into a polyamorous one. Does that make any sense or am I full of crap?

That makes perfect sense! There are plenty of people who are open to a non-monogamous arrangement, but not actively seeking it. I’ve also seen the terms polyflexible, monogamish, and the distinction between partner-seeking and partner-accepting. The point of terms like this is to give you a clear, useful way to understand and talk about your needs and desires, so if polycapable is working for you, great! You don’t need my permission or approval, or anyone else’s at all. Someone else out there might think you’re “full of crap,” but there are people out there who think it’s cool to hit my car and drive off, so, the external opinions of other randos are not always reliable.