I want to make art about polyamorous characters and want to know which symbols are best to use

Hi! I've recently been inspired to draw a cute piece of part for Pride Month that has the 3 main characters of The Phantom of the Opera in it. I wanted to put a flag on the inside of the Phantom's cape. I believe it would be more appropriate to use the Polyamorous flag rather than the Polysexual flag, but I don't know whether or not to use pi or the infinity heart. Can you help clear the air some? I just want to get it absolutely perfect the first time 💕

You are correct that polyamory is more appropriate here - polysexual means something different and is about sexual orientation, not relationship styles. 

The pi symbol and the infinity heart are both used to represent polyamory, and neither is "wrong" or "inappropriate." There isn't really much baggage to either symbol.

I prefer the infinity heart, personally, but that's just a personal preference. Some people also like the infinity heart as a symbol of "eternal love" and you may see it associated with things that aren't polyamory; but there are also people with pi-symbol jewelry and tattoos that aren't polyamorous but really into math or something. 

It's good to be sensitive when you're using words and symbols associated with certain groups of people! There are definitely certain symbols with multiple meanings, co-optation, discourse pits, etc. but fortunately, both polyamory symbols are pretty much free of any such issues. 

Would love to see the finished piece once you're done!