Mental Health Resources


Polyamory-specific therapy resources

Loving More directory
The Open List
Poly Friendly Professionals

General therapy resources
Psychology Today find a therapist
Find a Therapist
Network Therapy

Online therapy resources

Crisis Lines
many of these offer online chat or text as well as phone call options
Crisis text line
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Up2Us Crisis Line
NAMI HelpLine
Domestic Violence hotline
Sexual assault hotline
GLBT hotlines

Online resources for polyamory & mental illness
Poly Advice’s mental health tag
Polyamory on Purpose’s mental illness blog series
Love outside the Box on poly therapy & counseling
Polyamory Society’s self improvement program

Resources for professionals
What psychology professionals should know about polyamory
Working with polyamorous clients in the clinical setting
Therapy with clients who are bisexual and polyamorous
Counseling the polyamorous client

Interactive self-help resources
Overcoming perfectionism
Improving self esteem
DBT worksheets
Healthy communication worksheets
Free CBT worksheets
Free CBT worksheets 2
Free self help worksheets
Therapy & self help worksheets
Healthy relationship worksheets
Love is Respect resources (scroll down for handouts)

Masterposts (these include varied resources)
Mental Illness Mouse’s massive resource list
Starlightgem’s self help masterpost
Katelynn’s self help masterpost
Callistomist’s self care masterpost
Deathshands self care masterpost
Mental Illness Mouse’s mental illness chatroom list

Resources on specific mental illnesses
This section is currently sparse and non-exhaustive. If you know of a good master list of resources for a mental illness not included here, please send it along!