Two weeks after I met someone, they told me they didn't have feelings for me - what's my next move?

I was seeing a woman for 2 weeks. Out of nowhere she stopped sending texts. I never heard back from her for a week until I called her out for ghosting after we had had numerous talks before on how awful it is to do that. She apologized and had admitted that she wanted to have feelings for me but can't. She offered to remain friends but understood if I didn't want to do it. She continued to carry a conversation with me after, and I kept it brief. Should I be at peace with this and leave it alone?

If the question is "should I be at peace," the answer is YES 99.99% of the time.

She doesn't want a sexual/romantic relationship with you, but seems to feel you two click on a personal level where a friendship would be nice. Is that something you want? Or would you rather just drop it altogether?

If you want a friendship, be friends. Have conversations with her about shared interests, invite her to group gatherings, that sort of thing. If it feels too awkward or high-effort or otherwise isn't something you want to invest energy in, go ahead and graciously let communication cease.

That said, she may not actually be keen on a friendship and have just said that to soothe hurt feelings. If she continues to be flaky and low-communication, best to leave it be. Two weeks isn't long at all, and it's very normal for something to fizzle out at that stage.