A handful of FAQ-answerable questions

Hi so forgive me if I'm wrong but I don't understand how poly is part of LGBT and not just a choice someone makes.

I've discussed this issue a few times, and they're all linked on the FAQ page here. Obviously polyamory doesn't fall under LGBT, because it is neither L, nor G, nor B, nor T; but whether it falls under the "queer" umbrella is a point of debate. I have my personal beliefs about this, which you can read about in the link.

If we have a really long message, where do we send it to?

You can email me at polyamoryadvice [at] gmail [dot] com or check my contact page here. Know, however, that "really long" messages are much less likely to get published and answered, and I do often edit long messages to be shorter. Try to be as concise as possible! Lots of people include details that are important to them, but not actually relevant to the core issue.

I'm not sure if I'm poly or not (I think I might be?) but I was wondering if you knew of any websites that offered a great community for newbies? Specifically newbies in their early 20s? Thank you!

Check out the "forums & communities" section here!

Your advice about therapy is great, how do I find a therapist and/or online (therapy?) chat that is poly friendly?

Here are a handful of indexes (these will also be added to the Mental Health Resources page):

You can also search non-polyamory-oriented indexes for therapists that work with issues of sexuality and gender, because they tend to be better informed about polyamory.