How do you come up with example names?

How do you come up with example names? That's amazing.

I find it boring, grating, and hard to follow to just use letters; and when I used fake names that weren't obviously fake, like Jessica or Kevin, people were concerned that I wasn't honoring letter-writers' privacy; and when I use collections of obviously-fake names from pop culture, like Harry/Ron/Hermione or Pearl/Amethyst/Garnet, people send me a bunch of messages about it, which is nice but I get so many messages already that it's also not something I need. Plus I love making up names - if you ever need a name for an OC or a pet or anything, please hit me up! So I stole Mallory Ortberg/Dear Prudence's schtick of making up silly names by combining generic Western/English sounding name phonemes.