some FAQ answerable questions

Hi I’m 16 and not sure if I’m poly or not. I always thought I wasn’t until literally tonight when I considered it and realized that maybe I would like a poly relationship. How do I know? And how do I experiment without hurting any feelings?

Here is my FAQ page about this! The short answer is that there is no official test or scan for you to "know" - you just gotta be introspective, honest, and patient! It's impossible to guarantee that you won't hurt someone's feelings, but when experimenting, the best rule of thumb is to be really clear and up-front about what you're looking for and what you're able to provide. And do your homework - read up on healthy, ethical polyamory and non-monogamy as well as other self-work around jealousy, insecurity, communication, etc. You have lots of time to figure this out, so relax!

I've been having some questions and concerns about being in an open relationship with my partner and I don't really know who to talk to this. My friends aren't as open or understanding and I want to think this through logically rather than have my emotions take over. Thank you and message me if it's ok for me to ask some things.

I'm sorry, but no - I cannot do live or private messaging. You can read about my policy here. You are always welcome to check out my resources listed here, search the archives of my blog, or send in a question to be answered publicly but anonymously.