some quick FAQ-able questions

I'm a bisexual woman who's interested in dating other bisexual couples but like idk where to find bi polyam couples tho

Check my FAQ page here!

Hey, so I was wondering if you could help me out with something? So for context: I have a lot of characters that a lot of times have things that I don't have, and I try my hardest to do my research and make sure that I get it right. (Now for the hard part.) So I have a character that's polyamorous, but here's the catch, I'm monogamous. I want to make sure that I portray polyamory properly. So I wanted to know if you had any advice you could give me? I don't know much, so anything will help.

I answer this, with a bunch of links, here!

I want to know if polyamory is really possible? I've just broke up from a triad and I guess my heart still feels burdened.

Yes, it is. Breakups suck, so give yourself time to grieve and heal, but don’t write off polyamory because of one negative experience.