I'm 16, polyamorous, and worried I'll never find the kind of relationship that I want.

Hi, I’m 16 and have thought/known that I am poly for a year or two. I’m not really sure how to feel about it. I know that a triad/throuple is most appealing to me, I’m just scared that I won’t find anyone who would want me or that kind of relationship. I feel very defeated and unsure. Any advice on being more confident in my polyamory?

This is not actually a polyamory issue, but a “being sixteen” issue. I can assure you that most 16 year olds who are monogamous still worry about never finding someone who wants to be monogamous with them. It is hard to feel confident in yourself and your dating future at sixteen, no matter what.

Trust that nearly everyone who, as a teen, feared that they would never have the kind of romantic relationship they longed for, ultimately ended up finding their way there. Including me! For now, focus on parts of yourself that you can feel confident in without other people’s involvement: hobbies, talents, and the things that make you awesome. Take pride in your polyamorous identity on its own. Try to be patient. Seek out friends and communities that build you up and remember that you are fully worthy and lovable no matter what.