Is it okay to feel differently about all my partners?

I'm in a 4 way relationship (two straight relationships that became one). I have a relationship with all 3 other people, but I feel like I have more feelings for my 'original' boyfriend. Is that right? Should my feelings for everyone be equal? Is it okay for me to work on certain relationships more than others? Sorry if this seems obvious or something, this is one of my first poly relationships.

It is very normal to feel differently about different people! Let each relationship be what it wants to be, and remember that you probably felt less strongly about your boyfriend when you had recently gotten together. Don’t try and “force it” or make your feelings be “equal,” that never works.

Be aware of ways that you might be being unfair to your other partners, though. Don’t flake on plans you make because you’d rather be with someone else, be careful of “taking sides” and other areas where you might be disregarding or ignoring someone else’s feelings. Don’t offer or promise more than you’re able and willing to give, and let things be what they are.