Actions You Can Take Today

I don’t usually use this platform to promote anything besides this advice column itself, but as we head into the first weeks of the Trump presidency, I very much want to use this blog - the biggest, loudest platform I personally have - to highlight what can be done to fight for peace, freedom, love, and justice.

It’s so important to get up and do something. But it can feel really overwhelming to try and figure out what you can do - you personally, with your speech, body, time, and resources - to fight hate. So here are some resources to help you get something done today.

Things you can do from your home, phone, and computer:

Call your elected representatives. All the information you need is at The Sixty Five. If you are on mobile, you can also use the Call To Action tool.

Read the Indivisible guide and join or start a local group to take action in your area to influence local government.

Read the Action Checklist for Americans of Conscience and take action based on their recommendations.

Read the Rise When We Fall plan and take action based on their recommendations.

Spend 10 minutes taking action with Enlightened Rapid Response.

Read the ACLU’s action plan and take action based on their recommendations.

Send a postcard with the Women’s March 10 Actions for 100 Days action plan.

Take action with She Should Run to support women leaders.

Check out Wall of Us for inspiration and calls to action.

Things you can show up to in person:

Join a local SURJ chapter to get updates about actions you can take locally.

Sign up for Our Revolution to attend or organize a local grassroots event.

Volunteer with Planned Parenthood.

Join and support a local Black Lives Matter chapter. (White allies: listen when the chapter leaders tell you how you can support them.)

Especially for white people: take an anti-racism training and help organize one for your church, school, workplace, or community.

Volunteer with the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants.

Join an Anti-Fascist group in your area. (Note: If you are new to this type of organizing, the best thing to do is show up, listen and learn.)

Causes to donate to:

Every area has local groups that need resources. Find something in your area that works on a cause you believe in, and get resources to them any way you can. For large-scale organizations to donate to, check out this Jezebel article and the top comments