Do you know if polyamory applies to queerplatonic relationships? I have multiple queerplatonic partners and am trying to find a romantic one. Does this count as polyamory?

I have an FAQ page about this!

I’ve never been in a poly relationship but I’ve been thinking. There’s a girl I like, and I also like her boyfriend. I can imagine being with them, makes me happy to think about and the girl suggested we get together. How do I know poly is for me?

I also have an FAQ for this!

I recently discovered I’m polyam and I live in the south (a very slightly more liberal area, but still pretty conservative.) How do I find other poly people? 

And I have an FAQ page about this!

I’m dating this person whom I love very much but at the same time I love this other person I also love the same amount. I don’t thing person #1 is open to a poly relationship. How do I approach this?

Here’s my FAQ about this!