Hi i have got a question. My boyfriend was flirting with girls over text and chatting them up there was over 30 girls. I know it’s not cheating but it still hurt. After many times of fighting and showing him how much he hurt me he has said to me that he never wants to put me through that again. He said it kills him to see himself hurt someone that he loves he never knew he was like this. Is it worth staying im confused need advice

In this situation, it comes down to what you personally find unforgivable, and how much you trust his promises to change. It’s up to you to determine whether it’s worth staying with this guy after the choices that he made. 

If you choose to stay, you two should have a clear, honest talk with him about why what he did hurt you, and seek to understand why he chose to do it in the first place. He says he “never knew he was like this” - you need him to clarify what he means by that, and what he expects his behavior and needs to be in the future of your relationship. Come up with a plan to heal, covering how you can both meet each other’s needs in a healthy way, without resorting to this sort of emotional cheating that gets addressed through fighting. Good luck!