I can have romantic feelings for more than one person at once. When I’m in a relationship and have a crush on someone else, I feel guilty, though I don’t act on it. I feel that polyamory wouldn’t work for me. Am I non-practicing polyamorous or something?

Only you can make that determination for yourself. If you feel that polyamory wouldn’t work for you, then maybe you’re not polyamorous, you’re a monogamous person who gets crushes. That’s quite possible, and quite common. Despite what a lot of our media likes to say, loving someone, even monogamously, doesn’t guarantee that you’ll “only have eyes for them” or never feel attracted to anyone else. Cheating, or just indulging feelings besides your partner, is a temptation many monogamous people have to fight at some point or another. Try to let go of the guilt - feelings are just feelings, and crushing on other people doesn’t make you a bad partner. 

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