I just started poly and I’m the mono side of the monopoly. It started when she started falling for an old love again online and I have never had anyone but her. Idk what to do to find someone too. No one but her has ever showed interest in me.

Dating is hard for everyone, trust me! But don’t get discouraged because it’s been hard in the past. If you want to find someone to date, the best thing to do is to be persistent but respectful, and put your best foot forward but be genuine too!

If you’re just trying to get into the dating scene, anywhere and anything works! I don’t know how you met your current partner, but consider continuing to do that! Get involved in a local scene - blues dancing, rock climbing, bird watching - where you can meet people. For the most part, dating for poly folk is pretty similar to dating for mono folk. Find people to meet, meet them, flirt, fail, flirt, flirt, fling, date, etc!

It can be extra hard to meet people who are going to be okay with the poly arrangement. I’d say that about 2/3 of the men I meet outside explicitly poly contexts back out when they find out I have other partners. If that’s your concern, fear not! Many poly folk have good luck with OKCupid accounts, because they let you be clear about your nonmonogamy and filter for other people with the same stated preferences. You can also go to polyamorous meetups in your area to meet other people who are already down with polyamory. 

But there is no rush. You don’t need to find someone else to date just because your partner is dating someone else. You don’t need to prove to yourself or anyone that someone else could be interested. If you’re happy with how things are, don’t let external pressures make you feel like you have to find a new partner.