I went on a date with a guy and we hit it off and we’ve been talking since. I asked him what we are (bc I’m not sure what to tell people), and he said he wasn’t sure but thought it’s “casual.” What does this mean?

I have no idea what this individual person meant, because I am not him, and I am not psychic! The best way to find out what he means by “casual” is to ask him! You can text him or ask him in person something like “Hey, you said that whatever we have together right now is “casual,” and I just want to check in to make sure we both have the same idea of what that means.”

Then, ask a specific question about whatever you’re wondering about: “Does that mean you’re seeing other people and don’t mind if I do the same?” or “Do you expect things to stay “casual” between us, or do you see this getting more serious if we continue to hit it off?” or whatever else is especially unclear to you.

And, if this guy freaks out or balks or is evasive when you ask him a very simple question that boils down to: “What do you expect from me, and what can/can’t I expect from you?” then stop seeing him, because he does not have the basic communication skills and self-knowledge to be healthy to date.