Im a young girl. I don’t know if i want to try poly life style or if I just want to try new things. Im only 16, but i have seen dating or having a relationship with one or more people at a time as a very normal thing.

Sixteen is the best time to try new things. The best time! You have nothing to lose, and your only job is to have a lot of fun and do your best to grow into an awesome person. That’s it! You have no kids, no mortgage, no marriage, no car payments - nothing weighing on your decisions, no obligation to anything besides “is this something I want to do?” So go for it!

You don’t have to decide now whether you’re Officially Polyamorous. You can experiment with your sexual identity - you can experiment with every part of your identity! - and nothing you do, choose, or try at 16 needs to be permanent. (Most of it shouldn’t be.) You don’t have to commit to being poly forever if you want to try it out now. So read up on polyamory, find some willing fellow 16 year olds, and have a blast. 

It may be that you’re genuinely hardwired for polyamory, and you’ve figured that out at a young age. It took me a lot longer to recognize it in myself, but once I did, a lot of thoughts and feelings I had in high school made more sense. It may be that you’re just young and don’t want to be monogamously committed to just one person, which is completely reasonable as well! No matter what, you should always follow what makes you happy and never feel pressured to behave or identify a certain way.