Im not sure where to start, but I’m starting to think I’m polyamorous, but Im not 100% sure since I dont know a lot about polyamory. Back in highschool I was very much in love with two people, but I didn’t end up dating them because I couldn’t choose one. I dated someone else, but still longed for others.I wasn’t happy in that relationship so idk. Since then, there seems to be a pattern of when I want someone or grow really close to someone, I still want others beyond just sex. Am I polyamorous?

No one is an arbiter of anyone else’s identity. Especially not strangers giving advice on the internet! There’s no magical wand you can wave over a person that will print a readout of their sexuality. And that’s okay! Discovering who you are is part of being a person. Being confused is an even bigger part of being a person. 

You very well may be polyamorous. For now, if you need a label, see if “poly-curious” works for you. Try it out and see! Read up on The Ethical Slut and More Than Two and see if those books resonate with you. Picture your best-case-scenario and work from there. Dip your toes into a poly relationship, visit some local poly meetups, and do what seems healthy and fulfilling for you at the time. You can always back out or go deeper - trying something out doesn’t mean you have to be that at the core of your being forever.

Good luck!