I’m really sorry please disregard that last ask. I just realised how many asks this is gonna take my type out and I just feel so exhausted, I’m sorry to waste your time.

I get asks like this relatively often, and it just breaks my heart every time.

Let me say this to every single person who reads this blog:

You matter. Your pain matters.

You deserve help. You deserve support.

You don’t deserve to suffer. You deserve healing.

You are worth my time. You are worth love.

You are worthy. You are enough.

Feeling like you don’t - feeling like you’re wasting people’s time when you ask for help or support, feeling like you’re not worthy of other people’s time and care , that your problems don’t matter or aren’t big enough to warrant getting help - that is a huge red flag that you do need help.

And the awesome thing is, you can get it! These kinds of feelings, while they can make you feel totally hopeless and alone, are actually really common. Tons and tons of work and research has gone into helping people with these kinds of feelings. Therapists and other mental health professionals have years of experience with exactly what you’re feeling, and they can help you.

Please check out my page of mental health resources - even if you struggle with finding the money, time or transportation for therapy appointments, there are resources there that can help you. Call a hotline. Ask a friend for help. Do some therapeutic worksheets. You can do this. It’s worth it. You’re worth it.