I’ve dated about 7 guys within the past 5 years & I got bored with each of them except one. The guy I am currently dating is great but sometimes I don’t feel satisfied & desire attention from others w/o realizing. It makes me feel bad but I can’t help it. Could I be poly?

It’s entirely possible that you’re poly. But that’s not the first conclusion I’d draw from your message. You say you get “bored” with the guys you date. Being poly doesn’t mean we get bored more easily than monogamous folks, or that we need more attention. It means that when we are in a relationship, and we find ourselves interested in someone else, we don’t see those as mutually exclusive desires.

So if you’re really just feeling bored and unsatisfied in relationships, the problem is not that you’re stuck being monogamous, it’s that you’re stuck in boring and unsatisfying relationships. Maybe you keep dating boring and unsatisfying people. Maybe your definition of relationships, or your behavior when in one, isn’t healthy for you. Try and figure out what it is that leads you to serial monogamy, that creates this need for attention and this perpetual unsatisfaction. I don’t know enough about you, or your relationships, to feel comfortable making any more specific guesses - but I can say that the common denominator in all these unsatisfying relationships is you, so your own needs, expectations, and practices would be the first place to start looking for answers.

Polyamory isn’t the cure for boredom. It doesn’t multiply the attention you get. It’s a relationship practice and an identity that carries its own responsibilities, definitions, requirements, and benefits, just like monogamy. It sounds like you may need to get to know yourself and your own needs better so you can engage in a healthy relationship where your needs for excitement and attention are appropriately met - whether that relationship would be mono or poly, I can’t accurately say.