Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years now and for the past few months I have been going through family problems. I guess in a way I’ve been letting it out on him which I don’t purposely do it just I have so much going on and I feel like my relationship is falling apart. He said “this relationship isn’t for us” but I know he loves me and I love him but I feel like he’s giving up on me what should I do I love him so much.

If someone has decided that the best thing for them to do is to leave, you gotta let them leave. You can believe deeply that he’s making the wrong choice, that you two love each other and that you can and should work this out - but there is no guarantee that you can get him to feel the same way.

If you know that your family problems and life stresses are wearing down on your relationship, and you are fully committed to working on healing that, you can try to have that conversation with your boyfriend. You can say something like “I know that our relationship has carried a lot of tension and negativity because of the stress I bring into our time together. I want to fix and heal that. I am committed to going to therapy to find healthier ways to manage my stress, I am committed to intentionally bringing presence and positivity into our time together, I am committed to finding other support systems to help me through this family situation, etc.” Make space for him to let you know what, specifically, he needs from you to get through this.

If he accepts - if he wants to try and fix what has fallen apart - then you need to commit 100% to those promises and work on rebuilding. But there is no guarantee that he will accept, and he has no obligation to. If he has decided that this relationship isn’t one he wants to stay in, it is okay for him to make that call. Try to be gracious about respecting his choice, and find ways to care for yourself in the event of a breakup.

Whether you two stay together or not, it sounds like you very much need to work on healthy stress management and positive communication strategies to help buffer your relationships, romantic and otherwise, against life stresses. Even if this relationship ends, you can learn a lot about how to lay a strong foundation for future relationships.