not really advise just kind of a funny story. I was with my monogamous couple friends and was like “wow i feel like such a third wheel” and one of them responded “it’s ok we’ll find you a wheel of your own” and my response was “or maybe a couple of wheels” and his face just blanked for a few seconds before he was like “and that’s FINE, i am so 21st century it’s FINE” and me and his girlfriend (my best friend) laughed so hard we died

Ha! Thanks for sharing. Once, my mother was very upset when a cousin of mine eloped, but wasn’t too amused when I reassured her that I’d invite her to “all my weddings.” Also, in college I took a required health class with my then-boyfriend and his then-other-girlfriend. The professor knew we were poly since I wrote a paper about it, but hadn’t really said anything about it. We were supposed to do this activity to learn about different parenting styles and the assignment was to pair up with a partner and go through this worksheet about how to handled different situations your kid got into. The three of us decided to group up and the professor was just like “that’s OKAY that’s FINE yep we’re all COOL WITH THIS some people have DIFFERENT FAMILY STRUCTURES yes  yep okay great I’m so down with this of course go ahead yep.”

Of course I appreciate when people try to go out of their way to show that they’re not being judgmental or narrow-minded, but there’s also the “methinks the lady doth protest too much” territory you get into sometimes.