okay so i think i am poly but i’m not sure and i was wondering if you have any for sure signs

Here is a terrible, miserable, terrifying truth about the world: there are no “for sure” signs that can tell you who you are.

There are no “for sure signs” that you should invest in that bee farm, start that company, or buy that expensive shirt.
There are no “for sure signs” that you’re meant to be a librarian, or a banker, or a kayak guide.
There are no “for sure signs” that you belong in Chicago or Portland or Iceland.

The good thing is, we always have the past to learn from and the future to create.

You may be poly if you can see yourself feeling fulfilled by having a relationship with multiple people and seeing your partners have other relationships. But you won’t really know for sure without introspection and experimentation.

Identities are not like concrete, objective things that can be detected or disproved. They help you navigate reality, they don’t determine it.

Think through your “what-ifs,” read up on polyamory, be smart and safe when identifying your boundaries, and go for it. Remember that you can check in with yourself to see if a label or an identity works for you at any time.