holy shit????? they’re talking about polyamory on the radio????????? and in a positive and understanding way?????? holy shit????

LMAO I TJOUGHT THIS DUDE AAS GONNA ASK SOME DUMBASS QUESTION ABOUT HOW SEX WORKS BUT INSTEAD HE GOES “okay so like…real important question here….who drives? like when u go places? do you call shotgun and then someone ends up all sad in the backseat?”

The real polyam questions

I’ve only ever met one poly couple face to face, so I’m sure this is by no means representative, but they avoided the issue by taking turns pretending to be a high-class chauffeur.

Like, one of them would sit up front and drive while the other two sat in the back, and when they arrived at their destination the driver would walk around and get the door for them, all *nods* “madam”.

They did this every time.

apparently this is not a completely uncommon question I can’t handle how funny and adorable and wonderful this is