Recently I had an abortion. My boyfriend knew about it for weeks and was supposed to help with the cost (700$) so the day of he gave me 100 and I paid the rest (hahahahahahahah) and when I went to count it later all there was was 89$. He had been out buying weed two nights before. He did drive and pay for gas however. But I feel lied to and just hurt and angry and I want to leave him but I also love him. He said he was going to man up but I just don’t know. What should I do?

Oh goodness. Going through an unwanted pregnancy and an abortion is a really rough time, and you absolutely deserve to feel supported by your partner, both financially and emotionally. You’re completely entitled to feel hurt and angry, and if you feel like you want to leave him, I think you should listen to that voice.

Sometimes “love” isn’t enough. It sounds like this guy doesn’t prioritize you and makes that very clear. I think a lot of people feel like if there’s any affection left, they shouldn’t break up, but that’s not true. There’s a reason you two got together and dated, and that reason won’t ever disappear, even if a reason to break up also appears. You’re hurt, you’re angry, and this guy let you down in a pretty major way. My advice is to walk away. 

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