Seen a few folks asking questions w/ themes of abuse. Idk if it’s your thing but I highly recommend the book “Why does he do that?” While it is cishet centric (the book is almost entirely about partner abuse committed by male abusers) it does a really good job of discussing attitudes of entitlement, their role in abuse, forms of abuse, and tools for leaving an abuser. It was super helpful for me, and it might be helpful for some of your readers

Thank you for reminding me about this amazing book! Here is a link to some PDFs of it (though if you can, please consider purchasing the book and supporting the author and her research.)

I have been getting a bunch of messages asking about abuse and abusive relationships - though this isn’t the main theme of this blog, I try to advocate for healthy relationships no matter what. I will put together a linkable FAQ page about relationship abuse sometime soon.