small programming note

i really don’t have an issue about who interacts with or reblogs my content. i recognize that posting stuff online means any person with any kind of blog is free to reblog, like, and look at my stuff!

that said, this blog is firmly, aggressively, non-negotiably anti “pro-ana” and “thinspo,” and any blogs that promote, encourage, or teach self-destructive thoughts and behavior. body-shaming, intentionally triggering content is dangerous to you and other people and will be reported on sight.

it’s your right to read my blog, and i don’t police or block followers unless someone goes out of their way to get my attention (usually by commenting or messaging) - but if i do notice your blog, and it’s a dangerous violation of the tumblr Community Guidelines, i’ll report it.

if you’re reading this and you’re someone who posts or looks at “pro-ana” content, please know that this is only making you feel worse, and there is help and hope available to feel better