How do we handle health insurance and other legal/financial issues as a polyamorous household?

My husband and I are married. We want to add our third to our insurance and things like that but what is the best way to make sure she is covered? Can she be covered?

For multipartner households, things like child custody, health insurance, hospital visitation, join finances, etc. can be challenging. If you feel comfortable, try checking to see if your employer has a program that lets you ask legal and financial questions of a professional - most large companies have these. Your health insurance company may also have a contact line where you can ask questions like this.

Some polyamorous families create LLCs or other types of 'business' organizations to manage insurance and finances. I personally can't give much info about this, since I've never done it; I do all my insurance, taxes, etc. as a 'single' person. Hiring a lawyer or accountant to help you get this all sorted out could really be worth it!

Here are some resources about polyamory and legal/financial issues: