Hi! I’m polyamorous and I’m dating five people. Person A is dating person B and me. Person C is dating person d and me (I’m with B and D as well) and person E is only with me. is there a name for this? is it considered too much?

There is no Dictionary of Polyamory which contains answers to questions like this. Your arrangement is pretty unique, so no, I don’t think there’s a name for it. You could go with a commonly used term for any group of people linked by poly relationships - network, polycule, group, poly family. Or you could make up your own! It doesn’t really matter whether anyone else before you has decided to apply an arbitrary collection of syllables to what you’re doing now.

As for whether this is considered too much - considered by who? There is no Official Poly Standards Office. It would be too much for some people, certainly. For others, it sounds perfectly lovely! If it’s healthy and fulfilling and working for you, go for it. Don’t worry about external validation. Use labels and the advice of others to help you grow and learn and be your best selves, not to check whether what you’re doing fits into some existing standard.