Welcome to Poly Advice!

Hi everyone! There are lots of polyamory resources floating around online, but a lot of places for one-to-one advice have shifted focus or closed their doors recently, and there’s always room for one more voice. 

What This Is: I’m willing to take questions about any aspect of polyamory, as well as broader issues of sex, love, relationships, and life. I’m not a professional anything, and if I don’t know the answer to something, I’ll be honest about that and bring in other resources. I’ll also break up the questions with essays about issues in polyamory that interest me.

Who I Am: Because of my job & the personal nature of this blog, I’ve chosen to stay anonymous for now. You can call me Zinnia. I’m a young woman in my early twenties who’s been actively polyamorous for four years. I’m heterosexual and currently seeing two wonderful men, one long-distance and one cohabiting.

Welcome! You can ask me questions through this tumblr’s ask box, or you can send longer ones to polyamoryadvice [at] gmail [dot] com.