What should I do? My partner forced me to give up the one hobby I really enjoyed and is still accusing me of participating in said hobby and I’m not. I’ve had to defend myself and provide evidence that I’m being truthful on multiple occasions and I just feel that’s not fair at all? I’ve done nothing to deserve this and I’ve never lied about it. Why are they being like this? What can I do?

What you can do is leave this relationship. It is NEVER okay to “force” a partner to do anything, from sex to taking out the trash. It is NEVER okay to continuously accuse a partner of lying and hold them hostage to your own issues with honesty and trust. And it is NEVER okay to simply demand that your partner give up something that makes them happy. Isolating someone from things they enjoy is a major red flag for abuse.

Why are they being like this? I don’t know why. Often possessive, manipulative, and abusive behavior stems from an unmet need or a confused assumption about their own worth and value. But that’s for them to work on healing, possibly with the help of a professional. You are not obligated or even able to identify the reason behind someone else’s bad behavior or choice to hurt you. This is not your fault, nor is it your problem. 

There is no magic set of words or behaviors you can employ to “convince” this person to believe you. They are committed to this mindset and behavior, and it is hurting you. You need to get out of this relationship and find people who will support you in your hobbies and treat you with love and respect.