some FAQ answerable questions

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving went well! I had to take a little holiday hiatus. Let's jump back in with a handful of FAQ-answerable questions:

How do you meet other polyamorous people? I have found it so hard to meet others that are poly that I could be interested in. Just because they're poly doesn't mean I want to date them, know what I mean? It's near impossible to meet someone who is polyamorous, and has all the qualities I'm looking for!

Here's my FAQ page on this. You are correct that there are just fewer polyamorous people out there in general, it can be harder to find "the one(s)" for you. Part of being any 'minority' group in terms of sexuality or relationships comes with that aggravation. There's no real solution to that besides being patient and putting your best foot forward.

Hey, I think I'm poly, but I'd really only be comfortable in a relationship where everyone is together, like if it was me and 2 other people, I was with both of them and they were together, or at least the ones who weren't dating were close to each other. Am I still a valid poly? Am I close minded? Am I wrong?

Yes, you are valid. The relationship style you're describing is usually referred to as a "triad," and it is many people's preferred polyamorous arrangement. Only wanting a triad may make partners harder to find, but it's perfectly fine to want that. It is not closed minded or wrong in the slightest. I have never been in a triad, but I very much prefer that my partners all get along, and that I am close with my partners' partners. 

Are there different types of polyamory? Like, being okay with closed polyamorous relationships, (in which everybody is in a collective relationship, with a shared love), but not open ones, (in which there are separate relationships that don't touch one another), and/or vice versa? Or would that delegitimize one's identifying as polyamorous? (I'm in an internal dilemma)

Yes, there are different types of polyamory, and they are all "valid" or "legitimate" - see my answer above. People who want a closed triad or quad are polyamorous; people who want a V-shaped relationship are polyamorous. People who want a closed relationship could also be referred to as "polyfidelitous." But that's a subset of polyamory.

Am I ok to ask something in private? I understand if not.

Can I ask a private question I don’t want posted? 

Unfortunately, no. However, one of these questions did precede a pretty interesting question that I haven't answered on here before and would love to be able to publish an answer to, so if you're okay having it answered anonymously, please let me know.