I'm in a polyam LDR and can't find a local partner.

I'm so tired of being monogamous. My partner and I are both polyam but neither of us have been able to find other partners. I'm so touch starved and romantically frustrated (LDR) that I'm constantly on the verge of tears. I'm tempted to just give up on finding other partners. Do you have any advice on finding other polyam people?

Here is my FAQ page on meeting polyam people. Remember that finding partners is historically agonizing, frustrating, and difficult, for all types of people. There are literally millions of books, songs, movies, and even video games about the struggle to be less lonely and find romance with the right person!

Find things that make you happy to get through this dry spell. Reach out to your non-romantic friends for support - get together to see a movie, snuggle up platonically, have dinner together, or just get a distraction. Consider also social avenues where people meet through touch-oriented activities, like dance, acro-yoga, etc. Invest in some nice sex toys or a porn subscription and try to release some of this tension.

Be patient and gentle with yourself. Frustration and desperation are normal in this situation, but indulging them too deeply will make you even more miserable and make it even harder to attract someone. Put your best self out there, be confident, and you will make it through!