I'm polyamorous, but the people around me are jerks about it.

I’m very new to polyamory, but I do wish to continue with it. I feel very comfortable with it. But most people around me don’t accept it and think it’s bad. How do I deal with it?

There's not a ton you can do to change other people's minds -  trying to explain and educate people and convince them to be okay with polyamory can be exhausting and ineffective.

Come up with some prepared responses to the things you hear most often, and collect some resources and brief explanations for people who are more interested than combative.

Let go of people's opinions that really don't matter - some random coworker, that person one pew over in church, the cousin you see four times a year. You don't need anyone's 'acceptance' to be who you are and live your life. 

Check out polyamory-friendly online spaces for some support and positivity. Keep yourself safe and set clear, strong boundaries around how people treat and talk to you. If you lose some friendships or family relationships, that's worth it for your own health.

You might also want to think longer term about who the "people around you" are. If you're living with family who are being judgmental, make plans to move out. If you're surrounded by a social circle that's acting like jerks about this, start reaching out into polyamory-friendly circles (and polyamory-adjacent circles, like kink/bdsm). If it's the demographics of your general area that are causing the problem, think about choices you might have to make in the future to keep yourself happy and healthy.