Some FAQ-answerable questions

I'm polyamorous but I don't really have anybody to talk with about it. Can you recommend a safe space online?

I personally identify as pans polyam, however I’m in a mono hetero relationship. Kinda looking for (if possible) people in like-situations who would be interested in chatting. I guess I need somebody to talk to who understands my situation.

Some are listed in the "Forums & Communities" section of this FAQ page. There are also a number of discord servers for polyamorous people, but you'll need to Google "polyamory discord" to find the ones that have active invite links. 

Hey, I have a question about polyamory and am looking for resources about it. Is it OK if I message you privately about it?

Unfortunately, I cannot do private chats or messages. Please see my page on that here. All questions here are anonymized, and you can always check my FAQ or search my blog.

Do you think that polyamory is a part of you that you're born with, much like your sexual orientation? Because I think it is. I feel like I was born this way, I have always been this way and I won't ever be able to change it because it's so ingrained in me, much like my gender and sexual orientation.

For some people, yes. You can see my FAQ page on that here.