Some quick FAQ-able questions

I'm writing a young adult novel centered around a romance that will eventually form a polyam triad or a V. I really want to do the polyamorous community justice in these characters, but I'm only just discovering polyamory for myself, and I'm worried I could create something unintentionally harmful. Could you give some advice on the best way to write polyamorous literature please? One of my characters is experienced in polyamory but single, and the others have no experience. Thank you so much

I answer a similar question here!

Hey whenever you get this could you follow me back please... Theres alot of different things I would like to talk about/need advice on because I'm new to a poly relationship...

I’m sorry, but I can’t. You can read more about my policy here.

How does one know if they're poly or not at heart, mind and soul?

Check my FAQ page on this here!