FAQ: How do I know if I’m poly?

If you’re still trying to figure out whether you identify as poly, or whether a polyamorous relationship would work for you, that’s okay! If you can picture yourself in a polyamorous relationship or a monogamous relationship, or if you don’t yet have a clear picture of what a relationship would look like for you, that’s okay!

If you need a term to describe yourself in the meantime, this blog and others have come up with a few:

  • bipoly
  • polyamorish
  • polyflexible
  • poly-curious
  • werepoly
  • poly-mono
  • me, figuring myself out & doing what’s best for me right now!

There is no Official Checklist For Determining Polyamorous-ness - but I can point you to resources to help you think through it all.

If you’re young and/or you haven’t had many relationships, but you’re still pretty sure that you identify as polyamorous, that’s okay! You can start your dating life as a polyamorous person - but be aware that it can be hard to find younger people who are open to the idea. You may be tempted to date older people because they’re in the poly community, but be very very wary, as that’s often how predators find people to take advantage of. It is okay to be single when you’re young and figuring things out, so don’t rush!

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