4 days ago Facebook recommended I friend one of my old girlfriends that I had lost touch with, so I did, and we got to talking, and I went and had coffee with her one time. This girl called me at 11:45 drunk off her ass confessing her love of me since high school on New Year’s Eve. Then got mad when I was like, ok, this is not my idea of fun. Ill be your friend but we aren’t compatible otherwise That was last night I was completely freaked out and this girl is just bonkers She is vague posting YouTube videos on her Facebook and being super vengeful because I didn’t want to sleep with her, just be her friend. I’m completely freaked out because I didn’t ask for that kind of commitment or expect this at all. My other partners are rallying around me and all tell me that I should just block her and ignore it.

Yes, you should block her and ignore this. You aren’t obligated to be friends with someone who makes you uncomfortable, no matter what your past together is like. It sounds like this drama is generally confined to the internet, which means that unfriending and blocking her should resolve things pretty neatly.