After reading the last post- Is it truly risky to be openly poly if you have kids? Has a biological child been taken away when one parent has a bf/gf? Or was it only in a “controversial” setting like three people married etc?

The original question was about whether being openly poly and intending to raise kids in a multiparent household could be a barrier to adoption, and the answer to that is definitely yes. Adoption screenings are rigorous and difficult, and some states and agencies discriminate against monogamous gay couples, which sets a precedent for discriminating against poly parents.

When it comes to biological children, it is less risky - there is no law that says you can’t raise kids in a poly household, and lots of people do it. It is possible for a family member, neighbor, or someone else who has issue with the parents’ polyamory to report the family to authorities, and that can create a messy legal battle even if the parents are eventually cleared.

But you are at extra legal risk when it comes to custody issues. In cases of divorce or custody battles, being openly poly tends to diminish a person’s chance of being granted custody. 

Remember also that custody and adoption aren’t the only issues that face polyamorous parents. Being able to put a child on your health insurance, taking maternity/paternity leave, being listed as a legal guardian of the child, being able to visit a child in the hospital, being able to advocate for the child in cases of special needs - all these and more are hurdles that need to be jumped by multiparent households.

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