Are there resources for mono people dating poly people to talk to each other (specifically mono people who are happy in that situation)? I have tried to reach out a few times but only come across people who were v unhappy, which is not me!

I am not aware of any specific forums, chats, meetups, or other places designed for mono people with poly partners to find companionship, resources, etc. You could try the sites listed here under Forums & Communities - or you might have to make your own community! Start a tumblr blog, an open chat, a subreddit, etc. and promote it in tags and channels! If you do, let me know and I’ll promo it here for you to find other folks in your same situation.

A brief search led me to a few other resources:

This article’s comment section (the article itself is kind of meh)

A mono girl’s guide to dating poly people

This blog written by a mono person in a poly relationship

Another blog by a mono person in a mono/poly relationship