Can you be Polyamorous but still be in Two-People relationships? (Is there a term for that? I’m sorry, I’m not very well educated on this subject, hence why im asking!) Because I feel I would be fine in a Two-People relationship (Sorry again if theres a term for that) but I also would gladly be in a Polyamorous relationship. Is there a separate term for this or am I just Polyamorous/Not Polyamorous? Thank you in advance 

Hang on, let me get out my IDENTITY ARBITER staff. Seriously, though - you are you! I don’t get to tell you whether you’re poly or not poly, and neither does anyone else!

To answer you more specifically: yes, a person can identify as poly even if they’re in a two person (”monogamous”) relationship at the time, just like how bisexual people don’t magically become straight while they’re dating someone of the opposite gender. And some people can be happy in relationships of various arrangements. I don’t know if there’s a specific term for that. Non-practicing poly? Polyflexible? Werepoly?

It’s really up to you how you identify. Whatever feels right to you, and helps you communicate your needs to partners and prospective partners, is fine. The IDENTITY ARBITER staff was inside you the whole time! (That came out wrong.)