Serious Questions for all my lovely followers

Here’s the deal: I recently moved to a new city, leaving a job I loved, to stay with my live-in partner. It’s been a difficult transition to say the least. So I’m considering making a Patreon for this blog - it’s something I love doing and something I’ve built up a considerable following for. It would be an absolute dream to make this part of my career. 

On the other hand, I realize my anonymity would be a major hurdle. There are still parts of my life where being out as poly on the internet could hurt me personally and professionally. But Patreon campaigns are all about building a relationship with your fans and backers, and without being able to make videos or podcasts for you all, I feel like maybe I’d be asking for more than I deserve.

So I’m putting it out to you all: would you be interested in a Poly Advice Patreon? For backed rewards, I’m thinking about things like:

  • getting to see each evening’s post a day early
  • access to a weekly/monthly poll to vote on questions to be answered
  • access to a monthly live chat with me
  • access to a monthly private chat with me 
  • getting fun things in the mail from me

And for milestone goals, I’m thinking about things like:

  • bumping up to 2+ posts daily
  • making poly advice stickers 
  • publishing a ‘zine or e-book
  • hosting weekly/monthly interviews

What do my awesome followers think? Should I go for it? Are there any kinds of rewards or goals you’d like to see? Or is there something else you’d like to see from this blog before you are interested in a Patreon - a twitter feed, a non-tumblr blog with commenting, etc.?