Do you know a good place for meeting other poly people?

OKCupid and local events through MeetUp are my go-tos.

For reasons I won’t speculate about here, there tends to be a big overlap between the poly community and the kink/BDSM community, so if you’re into that, try Fetlife and local munches.

Similarly, atheist/secularist/humanist groups and Wiccan, Satanist, and other alternative(-to the dominant Western culture) traditions tend to over-represent the poly crowd. If you’re of any of those persuasions, try local meetups focused on that.

Otherwise, just go where you’d otherwise meet people you’d like to date - groups focused on your hobbies and values - and see where things go with people you meet. Keep your own house in order and your poly practices healthy, and you never know what (or who) might fall into your lap!

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