Do you know of any poly advice sites where I can talk one on one with someone? preferably something free because i cant afford a therapist or something like that really but i’ve had a lot of struggles with my relationship and im new to poly relationships and have a lot of questions and wondering if im being irrational about things or if it’s very reasonable to be upset. i cant ever tell if something is ‘just a poly thing’ or actually wrong so i’d like someone to chat with about it all.

Here is my list of mental health resources, which includes general online chat rooms and other free or low-cost options.

Be very careful about using open online chat rooms or forums as a substitute for therapy. Take the advice that is healthy for you, and step back if someone is being judgmental or unhelpful. Here is a great post at The Polyamorous Misanthrope about tips for finding online support as a poly person.

That said, here are some places you can talk to other poly people and get more one-on-one advice about your specific situation:

You may also want to do some independent research into polyamory - lots of people have trod the same path you’re on, and you may find that certain scenarios you think are unique to you have been addressed in poly guides!