FAQ pages are coming!!!

Since I got back from hiatus, I had lots (and I mean lots) of messages in my inbox, which made me realize how many of the questions I get are nearly identical, if not very very similar. So I’m going to try and write ‘master posts’ that answer the most common questions I get here, so people can get the info they need without me having to post the same answer over and over. The questions I am developing pages for are:

  • Is polyamory an identity or a choice?
  • How can I learn more about polyamory?
  • How do I know if I’m poly?
  • [Describes orientation and/or situation] - does that count as polyamory?
  • How do I tell my monogamous partner I want to be poly?
  • How do I tell someone I like/want to date that I’m poly?
  • My partner just told me they’re poly, how do I deal?
  • How do we find a third to ‘bring into’ our relationship?
  • How do I manage polyamory when I/my partner/my partner’s partner deals with a mental illness?
  • How do I meet poly people/get into a poly relationship?

So be on the lookout for those!

And if you sent me a question but it hasn’t been answered, check to see if it falls into one of those categories. If so, I have definitely answered a very similar question earlier on this blog, so take a dip in the archives!