Hi! Im writing an article/story about a poly relationship between 3 boys and 1 girl. Could you possibly give me information on how a relationship between 4 people like living in the same house and sharing a bed would be like?

First off, awesome job reaching out to do interviews and research for your writing - too many writers rely on assumptions and stereotypes to write about any minority population, and it’s bad for everyone.

I can’t actually give you that information, because I don’t live that life. If you’d like to interview some people living with multiple partners, I recommend that you draw up a list of questions you’d like the answers to, then put them out there to have people in the poly community share their answers. You can send it here, post it in the poly tags, post it to r/polyamory, etc.

I also recommend reading up about polyamory - you’ll want to know what the different terms are, exactly what kind of poly relationship is it (is it a closed/polyfidelitous quad, or are the people dating in separate linked pairs?), and things like that. You can get lots of examples of the types of challenges poly families face and things like that from blogs and articles that are already out there. Check out my list of resources here to start!