I am married woman and I love my husband so! But I’m also bisexual and have strong feelings for women. He knows this and wants to please me but I think he is afraid of losing me. I want to be polyamorus but how do I talk to him about it?

It’s never good to make assumptions about your partner’s feelings and needs - you say that you think he’s afraid of losing you, but how do you know? The first step here is giving him space to openly, honestly, and safety share his feelings and needs. If you hear things you think are unfair, irrational, or inaccurate, don’t pass judgment. Just be an active listener and try to understand. Your turn to respond is after he’s made himself totally heard and understood. Then, always address the content of what’s said, not the fact that it was said.

You may find that you were right, or you may not, but either way you’ll end up with a stronger place to start from. If you were right, and the issue is that he’s afraid of losing you, reassure him that a poly practice would actually shield him from just that - that this would allow you to explore your feelings for women without needing to leave him or violate any terms of your relationship. This may be hard for him to imagine or empathize with, so the conversation should remain open for him to ask questions, share concerns, and ask for his needs to be met.