I found out that I am polyamorus since last year. I recently opened up to my current partner and he’s ok with it. My question is though; How do you communicate to other potential partners that you’re interested in them, yet you’re Poly?

That is a tough one. Sometimes it just works out, like when you know them socially beforehand, so they know you’re poly and understand how it all works. Meeting people through poly groups or dating sites that let you be clear about your arrangement also helps skirt this issue.

But when you meet someone who doesn’t have that context, it can be tough. But I’ve found the best way is to just be open - take a deep breath and say something like “hey, I’m into you! I am polyamorous and have other partners, if that’s okay with you.”

Don’t treat it like this big dark shameful secret, but be honest and clear. They may have questions, so be patient and gentle. Some people keep a few extra copies of The Ethical Slut or More Than Two to lend out. Be gracious if they decide they can’t or won’t pursue things because you’re poly. And good luck!